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Surviving Hallowe’en!


Sweets and treats everywhere?  Why not try to change it up a bit.  By throwing a party at your house you can offer your choice of treats like popcorn, fruit kebabs sticks, cornflake or rice crispie buns and biscuit cake.

Try to take the focus off food and try old fashioned

party games like bobbing for apples, bury a raisin in a flour mould “cake” and take turns cutting slices to find it, find the coin in the Barm Brac.

Get them active by having a scavenger hunt with a Halloween theme. Your children can go door to door to get everything on the list, or, you can hide everything in your garden.  The reward can be homemade Halloween treats or how about a spooky sleepover where the children can stay up late and tell ghost stories?