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Irish schools get nutrition standards.

Standards for school foods is a very welcome arrival.  Read it in full here Nutrition for life starts in the home.  Parents need to be empowered and informed to choose healthy options and to teach children to eat them.

Vitamin D supplementation for Irish infants-have your say.

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) is holding a public consultation on the criteria  for Vitamin D only supplements to be listed as suitable for infants in Ireland. The online consultation invites parents, caregivers, health professionals, food supplement manufacturers, food businesses and any interested parties to take part. Take the survey here  

Healthy habits for families

If you’re trying to improve your family’s eating and nutrition here are some tips  that help to change habits.  (Habits are behaviours and behaviours can be changed). Eating is not instinctive. It’s a learned process. Healthy eating relies on being exposed to a variety of flavours and acquiring a set of skills practised and learned […]

What parents say about Nutrikids.

As a registered Dietitian and member of the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute, Ruth is subject to a code of professional practice. All those who availed of her services in 2012-2015 were contacted by email to complete an online anonymous questionnaire. Survey responses are invaluable and essential as they enable a professional audit of how […]

Who’s feeding the kids online?

Tough new regulations to protect children’s health by restricting digital marketing of unhealthy food and drinks to them were urged at the launch of a  new report for the Irish Heart Foundation exposing the hidden tactics being used to target children online. Led by child psychologist and researcher Dr Mimi Tatlow-Golden, the publication which can […]

Sugar baby!

Jan 20th, MEPs voted in favour of reducing the permitted sugar content in baby foods. Read more about it here

Follow on formula & growing up milk: a guide.

I joined RTE’s Consumer Show team and Katriona Devereux to look in more detail at why parents choose to use follow on or growing up milk. Check out the you tube clip below and decide for yourself.

Food portions: what should they look like?

Know your treats!

Treats don’t always have to be something “nice” to eat.  Spending some time reading to, chatting with, making up stories with or taking a walk with a child can often be more special and memorable for them.  If you want to treat a child with food you should have an idea of what you’re giving […]

Surviving Hallowe’en!

Sweets and treats everywhere?  Why not try to change it up a bit.  By throwing a party at your house you can offer your choice of treats like popcorn, fruit kebabs sticks, cornflake or rice crispie buns and biscuit cake. Try to take the focus off food and try old fashioned party games like bobbing for […]