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Food intolerance testing: caution advised!

The Health Products Regulatory Authority has issued an information notice  advising the Irish public to exercise caution “before using self-tests, commercial food intolerance services or entities offering diagnosis of food intolerance through postal or online services”. Read and download the full notice here

Food intolerance testing and your child.

Food intolerance testing-is it right for your child? In April 2015, RTE’s Consumer Show investigated the evidence, science and beliefs behind IgG testing (offered by YorkTest and Fitzwilliam FoodTest for example) and food intolerance.  The Irish Food Allergy Network published guidance in late 2014 based on the current international evidence and best practice.  The Health Product […]

Preventing food allergy

The European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) has published a guideline on preventing food allergy in “high risk” infants having identified a wide range of antenatal, perinatal, neonatal, and childhood strategies and assessing their effectiveness and synthesized in a systematic review. For more click here. In summary, EAACI recommends: 1. The advice for all […]

Does your child have eczema?

Did you know that eczema in infants and children under 2 is a stand alone skin condition?  Food is neither the single cause nor cure for eczema.  Heat, dryness and prickly clothing textures are eczema’s biggest aggravating factors.  The exact cause of eczema is unknown.  At the current time there is no cure but eczema […]

Does your child have a food allergy?

… Some good news for them and you! IFAN (the Irish Food Allergy Network) was launched on June 17th 2013. To date parents have little or no services to turn to in their community or hospitals, if their child is affected by food allergy. IFAN showed that despite a Comhairle na nOispidéal report and recommendation […]