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Know your treats!

Treats don’t always have to be something “nice” to eat.  Spending some time reading to, chatting with, making up stories with or taking a walk with a child can often be more special and memorable for them.  If you want to treat a child with food you should have an idea of what you’re giving […]

Forget diets and exercise-it’s time to eat and train!

It’s time to change the focus from “dieting” and restricting food to a more positive message like “eat and train”;  where the focus is on a sustainable, healthy pattern of eating and activity that fuels and works the body perform at it’s best. This new year, why not take the fuel your body approach with your […]

Child sized portions explained.

Congratulations to a group of parents in Terenure who have launched a ‘healthy eating’ initiative to address the increasing trend towards childhood obesity. The goal of this “Get wise about portion size” campaign is to promote healthier eating for our children by educating them on portion sizes and wise food choices. Parents, schools, local shops and businesses, […]

Overweight children-enough talk, time for action!

As a parent, if you’re concerned about your child’s weight then it’s likely that there is an issue.  Don’t wait in the hope that things get better or in fear that you’ll create a bigger problem.  Start by doing 2 simple things: look for help and talk to the whole family.  Next work on getting […]

Get kids active!

Do you know that children need a total of 60 minutes of activity built up over the day-not always easy to achieve you think?  Work, school, weather, motivation all have an effect on how active we are. Physical activity and exercise make a big difference in improving self esteem, morale, agility and co-ordination. They’re a […]